Wednesday 6 December 2017

Artistic Spotlight

If you would like to collaborate or ask any questions, please use the following:

Art. That three letter word defines all types of artistical crafts. Music, drawings, stories even poetry. But the thing is that, you get power hungry mongrels who love to take credit and the cash.

This post is for artists. I spoke with several artists from different ages and they are getting credit for it. Some of the artists I spoke with create NSFW work (NSFW means 'Not Safe For Work'). For them, I will put a '*' on so that you can know beforehand. That and I agreed to say beforehand about it. Also I spoke with all the artists for permission to feature their works and I don't make money from this.

I respect artists as they are the ones who will draw anything that we can come up with. All the artists work that I have here gave me some of their Safe For Work art (SFW for short). Also for those of you who don't know what Fur Affinity is, it's basically a website for any type of artist to post their anthropomorphic art.

I would like to thank the artists for their permission and for the art that they make. Keep inspiring others around.

First up is Orcanist * (Okay, I'm scared now. I like orcs but damn I'm scared of them) :

For more of Orcanist, you can check out:

Side note: Orcanist isn't an artist but he posts art from other orc enthusiasts like him and credits them for it.

Secondly we have Neon Fox * :
Someone's trying to beat their own high score.

For more of Neon Fox, you can check out:

Fur Affinity

Neon, we may not know each other but I really enjoyed your art. Dude. Keep. On. Drawing.

Side note: He is doing commissions, but from what I know, he has one spot left. Obviously you have to pay to get one.

Thirdly, we have Nasche * :

I won't mind. *hugs*

For more of Nasche, you can check out:

Fur Affinity

He loves to share his artwork on Twitter and Fur Affinity. Also Happy Belated Birthday! 

But seriously, I enjoy his art too. Keep it up Nasche! Feel free to come to South Africa to be with some lions if you want to.

Fourth and foremost, we have Kryelins :

This one, this one I really like.

For more of Kryelins, you can check out:


When I asked if I could use her art, we had a mass confusion but we sorted it out and came to an understanding. Merci beaucoup, Kryelins! I like your art no matter if you are beginning.

Infomercial Break...

Zefurr is doing commissions for $5 to color in pictures. He also writes some of the best stories for $5 for a minimum of 1250 words. He mostly writes transformation content (Werewolf basically. Sorry Zefurr, only example I could think of) but he is not limited to just that. Trust me, I know. To hit him up, here is how to contact him:


Again, I'm not getting paid to do this post whatsoever.

Okay back to the blog...

At number five we have JaliSkyx:

I like this one the most in the Chibi category.
Jali, this is so beautiful. Mind if you could do me next?

For more of JaliSkyx, you can check out:


Already at the age of 19, she is already mastering chibi drawings. I'm so proud of her. Also Jali, thank you for comforting me. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

I don't know if she accepts cash to do a chibi so you'll have to ask her personally.

Sixth we have Hornbuckle:

Now who could this be? XD

For more of Hornbuckle, you can check out:

I saw some of her art on Fur Affinity here and there and I really liked her transformation pictures so I had to just feature her art. Thanks Hornbuckle! A true dear to give me permission. Also she doesn't do NSFW artwork.

Summary: Zefurr helped me. I owe him big time now. Just don't know how to pay back.

Seventh we have Noke * :

For more of Noke, you can check out:

Okay, so I barely know him, but I saw some of his artwork and I had to ask him. It's really fantastic. 

But I really like his fursona (animal personality). Note that if you check his Fur Affinity you must have an account to check it out.

Last but not least, Shayde * :

For more of Shayde, you can check out:

So I met him on Telegram and I asked on a group that we are both on.  He is so talented and his drawings show it for himself. I'm impressed.  

Also, you'll need a Fur Affinity account to check his stuff out.

Conclusion: These people took time out of their schedule. Also check out more of their work in their respective links. 

For the artists I would like to thank you for creating such amazing artwork and for also giving me permission to feature your artwork. I appreciate that. 

Anyways I'm gonna relax now and drink some tea. You might get another blog on Christmas. It depends on if I have data and if don't want to throw the current device I have against the wall.

Bye everyone, and have a Merry Christmas.