Monday 5 February 2018

Blackgate... yes please!!

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Okay so there's this game that a friend of mine (Thank you!) that told me of a game called Blackgate. The game is currently in demo mode but the game itself is becoming better and better with all these new updates.

Plot summary:

You're a guy that's busy travelling to one of three choices. After that your car breaks down and when you open up your phone you see that a new app has been downloaded, as you open it you hear a woman that talks about you but in a more scientific manner. But it all seems odd. Why? Well that's because you see two moons. Odd am I right? Later on you have two choices:

Sit and wait (Safe option)


Run into the woods (I heard you wanted to die...)

This game is NSFW (sometimes) and is mostly based on same sex relationships. The game is a nonlinear visual novel.

**(A nonlinear visual novel is just a fancy way of saying 'choose your own adventure'. This is a story where YOU make the decisions. Each decision you make could make or break the narrative to your whim)**

You choose the outcome. The main reason why I enjoy this game is cause of the fact that whoever you (mostly!) choose you will always find yourself in a relationship. It's really nice to have the game too cause from how I see it it's mostly based around the furry community. We are secluded in this environment where you can't escape (You learn later on that you can't escape Blackgate). 

The brains behind this fantastic game goes under the name 'Bane'. Bane, if you ever come across this post just know that I personally love this game and that you should continue making it even better. Also Bane, I noticed a bug while playing Gruff's path. If you would like to know the bug then please e-mail me.

The game is currently available in demo and it apparently gets updated every 2 weeks and you can also donate on Patreon.

Click here to donate.

Also this game is for those older than/or the age of 18. By downloading the game, you confirm that you are 18 or older. Don't say I didn't warn you! The game is available to download on the Patreon page. Also note that this is a huge app so it would be best if you downloaded it over Wi-Fi.

Here's where you can find them:

Okay so I'm drink tea. Bye *bear hugs*