Wednesday 12 July 2017

Puggy and nWave. Music and Movie.

In the past month I was excited about a movie that is coming to cinemas.
The Son of Bigfoot or Bigfoot Junior is about a teenage outsider Adam who decides to find his Dad only to find out that his Dad is Bigfoot.
I saw the video and I started to get a "bit" emotional (due to my trauma of my mom and dad divorced), but was overly excited. With me I'm also interested in the music so that is when I started asking nWave on Twitter (@nWave) and this is what they had to say:
@nWave: "We are happy to announce that YES, the soundtrack for #TheSonofBigfoot will be available on streaming devices! #Puggy #BIGFOOTJUNIOR "
(Me) @noah_lausberg: "Do you guys have a date when it will come out or not?"
@nWave: "We can't announe a release date just yet, but it is coming soon!"
In the end I can't wait to see this eccentric movie that will bring families closer.

Here are the release dates:

Netherlands                                 26 July 2017
Denmark                                      27 July 2017
Norway                                         28 July 2017
Poland                                          28 July 2017
Sweden                                        28 July 2017
South Korea                              9 August 2017
UK                                           11 August 2017
France                                    16 August 2017
Germany                                 17 August 2017
Greece                                    17 August 2017
Croatia                                7 September 2017
Hungary                              7 September 2017
Singapore                           7 September 2017
Turkey                               22 September 2017
Australia                                19 October 2017
New Zealand                         19 October 2017
Lithuania                                20 October 2017

*Note that some countries are not on the list but they *might* be in your country.*