Sunday 13 August 2017

Forget gold, Bigfoot movie earned platinum!

Reviewing this movie is a no brainer.

Firstly, I would like to address something that I asked Cal Brunker personally about this. As you know websites are saying that Cal Brunker is a cast member. Lies! Cal Brunker assured me that he didn't, I repeat, he didn't voice in the movie. Besides that, let's get on with the review.

 The movie was astounding! The animation was crystal clear with no faults but it had if I'm correct two easter eggs:

1. In the movie "The House of Magic" we meet a crazy villainous man by the name of Daniel who failed to destroy his uncle's house. He has now supposedly become a lawyer? I got confused at first but I just kept my mouth shut and just allowed it.

2. In both of Sammy's Adventures there is someone named Shelly. Yet Adam's Mom is named Shelly (Coincidence?)

The movie's Age Restriction (PG) is true due to Adam or another character that would say "crap" multiple times which is fine by me.

Adam has quite the out-of-ordinary attitude which hit me 15 seconds flat when he showed those bullies some sweet (unintentional) fighting moves. Here is a list of his powers:

*Running (Incredible speeds)
*Increased hearing (Echolocation)
*Fast growth of hair
*Healing abilities ( It reminds me of how Native Indians believed in chants or herbs that were used to heal the injured and sick back to health).
*Talk to animals

Besides all of these sweet powers (which I would like if technology becomes advanced) we then have the animals:

Tina the Squirrel - Sandy Fox
Trapper the Raccoon - Joey Lotsko
Wilbur the Bear - Micheal Sorich
Steve the Woodpecker -  Joe J. Thomas
Weecha the Female Raccoon - Laila Berzins

The character that I enjoyed the most is Shelly (Adam's Mom who is voiced by Lindsay Torrence). The reason is because she is protecting Adam (Pappy Faulkner) to discover the truth but in the best part of it all is that if she didn't admit that Bigfoot (Chris Parson) was alive then there would have been no adventure. Also she is a total badass when she whacks one of the agents with a frying pan and when she shot Mr.Eastman with a tranquilizer in his butt. Like I said. Total badass.

My favourite scene is when Adam is in Principal Jones' (Joey Camen) Office. While the principal turned away from Adam, Adam ate all the Principal's candy that was in a bowl. Also the reason is because although Adam cut his hair, it just grew under about 3 hours which shocked me and at the same time amazed me. (3 hours is my guess) 

The movie is based on the screen write "Son of Bigfoot" which was created by Cal Brunker and Bob Burlen who have created several phenomenal scripts like "The Nut Job" and "The Nut Job 2".

Although I'm impressed, I would like to read the script (All scripts have interesting parts to them that sometimes don't make it into the movie). I have asked Cal Brunker AND Bob Burlen but I all I get is the silent treatment but I really want to read it.

In the major end, this movie was so, so enjoyable that if nWave is selling this DVD and/or Google Play Movies & TV I will buy it!

The movie also included some factors that happen even today such as: deforestation, testing products on animals, physical and verbal bullying also that if we destroy forests, we also destroys very valuable medicinal herbs if we can't find a scientific cure for any disease.

The movie also included songs which was made by a Belgium band by the name of Puggy and you can get it on Android and iOS. Well done Puggy! Your music is really enjoyable to listen (my favourite is "Simple Feelings") and to nWave, thank you for making a fantastic movie that I will definitely remember for a long, long time.

P.S. Cal and Bob can I please get a copy of the script? That is all I ask from you guys. I admired the work but I just want to read your work that made such a phenomenal job.

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